"Postpartum depression didn't win against me"

In the middle of the summer of 2018. I notice a big dip on my weight. I looked at the mirror and I couldn't recognise myself anymore. Postpartum Depression had taken over. I taught it was just baby blues, what I was feeling was just something from lack of sleep and me being tired. I was struggling to sleep. 

"Postpartum Depression is real, it stopped me from celebrating the blessings that I have."

"I started disconnecting from friends, I hide myself, I was shy, I was embarrassed and I was scared."

One day I was crying again and feeling this heavy weight on me. Now I lose weight, lack of appetite, struggling to fall asleep, I was crying and wondering what is next? I'm feeling so down and then, I started praying I said  "Lord my mouth can't express what I truly felt, I can't express it but please hear my heart."....

"I have 3 beautiful kids, a husband, a family, a home why can't I see all the blessings in front of me???" A call that changes EVERYTHING. I had a missed call from my friend Mel, at that time she was pregnant. We worked together in a thrift store before. I called her back and she told me she is selling vintage jewelries and I was like great I am happy for you, can you teach me? We both decided to meet at a restaurant and she GAVE ME A GIFT.

I had the  most unforgettable talk with her. I remembered going home filled with positivity and optimism, feels like a light bulb had turn on. It felt so good to have a friend who pushes you up and believed in you when you alone is doubting yourself.


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