My journey of becoming an American Citizen 2018

It was on the early weeks of December when my 10 years greencard arrived in the mail. I was so ecstatic, of course. Right !  As soon as I received my 10 years greencard. I immediately did my research and gathered all the important documents.

Here comes the beautiful spring of April 2018. Marks the day of my journey on becoming a U.S. Citizen.

Since my case is based on Marriage to a U.S. Citizen, I submitted the following documents together with my N-400 application form. I sent mine through mail (You have an option whether to apply  through mail or online).


  • A photocopy of my Greencard both sides 
  • An Authorization of Credit Card Transaction G-1450 
  • A 2x2 picture with my A-number written at the back
  • My husband's Birth Certificate
  • Our Marriage Certificate (Including my Spouse's past Divorce Decree)
  • Birth Certificates of our children.
  • Copies of our Income Tax Returns (1040 and W2) of the past 3 years
  • Our house lease.

The Timeline:

  • April 6 I sent my application package
  • April 9 USCIS Received my application package
  • April 12 I received an Acceptance Notice in the mail together with an instruction on how to access my account online.
  • April 14 An online update that my Biometric Appointment was scheduled 
  • May 03 Biometric Appointment (at 8:00 am, it was quick) 
  • July 31 My Interview was scheduled (I was very nervous and excited, time to study!)
  • September 06 The day of my Interview (We were on the way when I realized that my Interview Notice was missing. So we hurried back home and there was my Interview Notice. I left it!) Lesson learned. Always check your documents before leaving the house. Duhhh!!!!  :-)
  • September 13 My Naturalization Oath Ceremony (The very first time I was waving the American Flag). Wooot wooot!!!

 It was indeed a very wonderful, unforgettable experience. After a week from my Oath Ceremony, I went ahead to the post office and applied for a passport. It didn't sink in to me that I am an American until I received a blue passport. Finally, I am no longer a foreigner in my own family and since I had a daughter before I met my husband she automatically became a U.S. citizen too.

Thank you for reading my blog.Tell me about your naturalization experience by leaving me a comment below.


"Special thanks goes to my husband for proofreading my very first blog post."



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    • @Trang Thank you for reading my blog and I appreciate you leaving a comment. I sent it to Chicago Lockbox.

    • Hi, thank you for your sharing. Where is your office ? It took me 11 months to have the interview

    • Pround auntie here congrats dai

      Lotena Lara
    • Pround auntie here congrats dai

      Lotena Lara
    • Thank you very much for sharing

      Sylvia Cook

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