5 Tips on how to survive traveling with the little stinkers!

Traveling with kids should be a fun and memorable experience, right? But what if sitting in the car for a long hours drive, is a totally draining task for the little stinkers? One of the biggest dilemmas that every parent has to figure out, is how to keep the children from constantly asking the magic word. It is such a frustration if they start asking, how much further because you know that the next follow up question is "are we there yet?????"


Here are the 5 simple tips to keep your kids occupied.


1. Snacks - Before the day of the trip, pack as many snacks as you would like and don't forget to take them with you. And the golden rule "no eating in the car", I suggest to forget about it for the entire car ride of the trip. Your sanity is far more important than the little tiny crumbs in the car seat.         

2. Coloring books and pencils -  are great must haves to help the kids unleash their artistic side, whenever boredom strikes. Encourage them to draw what they see, in that way, it will keep their eyes and hands busy for a while.                                                

3. I spy with my cute eyes - something green. Make them play "I spy", although trying to spot something green as you pass grass and tress is such a test. Their giggles will make you look for what they have spotted and it will definitely keep them from asking "mom, are we there yet"?               

4. Sing a song - singing does wonders. Music makes us naturally smile or laugh. Well, it depends on the song I guess. The next time the kids are at the edge of boredom consider singing one of Shrek's songs or the most famous "Let it go".

      "Let it go, let it go                                                         Can't hold it back anymore                                          Let it go, let it go                                                      Turn away and slam the door "

5. Portable DVD player - To save your phone's internet data. It is never a bad idea to pack up a portable dvd on your next trip. 





Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you had a great time reading. Let me know  in the comment below if you have some cool tricks to keep the fun in your car ride, family adventure.


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